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Tonight at work the following dialogue occurred: me:  *mid-conversation* … blah blah .. ooooh!  I see coffee girl:  *blinks as I shuffle away* me:  *stops next to the man and puts my arm around his shoulder, pulling him into a hug* well if it isn’t my favorite midnight shift supervisor! him:  *looks around*  Chaos (real […]

Sex and Love


Last weekend while searching through the channels to find something on tv to fill the time I came across the series finale for Sex and the City.   It’s one of my things — my chick things.  I like to indulge in things like satc, Gilmore Girls, and the occasional Veronica Mars.  I can’t help it, […]

So I’ve accepted I can’t keep avoiding my computer forever.  Sure I stop in here and there to check email and stuff, but I am severely falling behind in my reading.  I scanned slashdot for the first time in WEEKS yesterday.  Weeks?!?  Something seems wrong with this equation .. Especially when I got home from […]

I find that an idle mind can be your worst enemy, and in that regard when I find mine to be immersed in particular thoughts it’s usually better to … divert its attention to something else.  In this regard, an iPod stocked up with hours of music is my best friend.  For the past few […]

I feel as if things were perfectly balanced and in their rightful place, when suddenly I woke up Sunday morning to find myself in a different place and standing on my head instead of my two feet.  The inverted state of my body left all the blood rushing to my head and my thoughts to […]

So today was one of interest, being that it started one way and finished in a completely different one. I woke up stupidly early because I had plans to hang out with Chaos.  We didn’t really pre-arrange what we would be doing or where we’d hang out, and sure enough when I asked what he […]