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I’ve taken more biology courses over my life than I’d care to remember, but one of the common themes that always popped up with them was evolution.   And I always understood the main point of it, bubbling back to ‘survival of the fittest’ or ‘adapt or die’.  What I hated was that 10 different scientists […]

Ag Lining


One thing that has become abundantly clear with my increased dating and it’s correlated increased sexual activity – I am severely out of shape in terms of endurance, stamina, resistance, and flexibility. I joined a gym that’s around the corner from my place, and also started attending weekly yoga classes that are headed by a […]

Binary Code


It’s hard to believe that computer functions are essentially based on two numbers strung together in an assortment of strings and sequences.  But essentially that’s how the internet runs, and it’s a principle that applies across various areas of life. I met this guy from the city on a dating site that caught my eye […]



As for the rest of my life .. I’m not exactly sure where to even start, so I’ll use Darwin’s wedding as a reference point.  It was almost a month ago, so it’s as good a place to start as any. I mentioned before that Darwin had this thing about trying to set me up […]



Friday night saw me going on a date with a guy. I don’t really know how to put the entire affair into words, so I guess I’ll just start at the beginning. I rushed home after work, leaving late, to change outfits and get ready to run to the city for my big night.  I […]

I should have seen it coming.  I knew I should have fucking seen this coming.  But I didn’t until I was knee-deep into it, and by then I was drunk and it was too late. In short form, Chao-ass started messaging on one of my faboo photos, which resulted in a dialogue between us that […]

So I’ve accepted I can’t keep avoiding my computer forever.  Sure I stop in here and there to check email and stuff, but I am severely falling behind in my reading.  I scanned slashdot for the first time in WEEKS yesterday.  Weeks?!?  Something seems wrong with this equation .. Especially when I got home from […]