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It was a Friday, and I was C’s date to her office xmas party.  It was open bar, and though at first I was resistant to the idea of getting shitfaced, I ended up succumbing to the peer pressure of being surrounded by drunk people.  Combined with barely sleeping, and barely eating, copious amounts of […]

I met Mr. Right at a weird point in my life – I was in the process of ending things with a guy, and he happened to be the person to whom I vented my frustrations.  At first it was purely platonic, but as time progressed and days turned into weeks turned into months it […]

I went on about two dates with the guy before the third one; the one in which I let things finally get more intimate.  The first was a get-to-know-you encounter that started with dinner and ended with us sitting in a coffee shop for almost seven hours, talking about random things.  When I got home […]

I came across this cute website called the first kiss project.  My first impulse was to submit a story of my own, but I couldn’t pinpoint exactly which one would be the best story.  Thus, the only logical course of action was to klepto the idea and twist it to be a little more my […]