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Date number 7  … or is it date number 8?  I can’t count any more, but whatever the case may be it was yet another date with Dex.  After texting with him a few days this past week I got the subtle hints that he was putting out there that he wouldn’t mind seeing me.  […]



In life we strive to try and maintain a certain degree of balance in most aspects:  work and play, love and hate, yin and yang .. however you choose to label it, we generally don’t want an excess of one and a lack of the other.  We go through periods where one aspect might outweigh […]



Four dates in 8 days – something I don’t plan to re-create any time soon, even if I can justify it having been only two boys. I had date number 2 with the nice guy, whom I’m going to have to name so we’ll dub Dex.  We made plans to go and see Red since […]

Have a second date with the vegetarian sometime this week. I asked him out. Thus proving the theory that guys are cool with girls making the move.   In regards with the other guy, Darwin thinks I should give him a third date to try and redeem himself.  “Maybe he was nervous and felt he […]

Talking with C yesterday, I made the observation that I haven’t blogged for over a month .. anywhere really.  Her reply was simply “I noticed”, and sometimes I forget that, though my blogs are primarily for me to keep track of the goings in my life, others do in fact read them.  Not the masses, […]



Friday night saw me going on a date with a guy. I don’t really know how to put the entire affair into words, so I guess I’ll just start at the beginning. I rushed home after work, leaving late, to change outfits and get ready to run to the city for my big night.  I […]



The following dialogue occurred today at approximately 6:00pm EST with my ex: k says:  yeah me too … still a fan of the idea of eloping D says:  yes…. I like that idea much better k says:  Darwin actually asked last night if you got married yet, it was funny lol D says:  Lol  … […]