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Ionic Pairing


I’ve realized I’m long overdue for an update.  It hasn’t been due to lack of time or lack of content, more of just a lack of drive to actually sit down and blog.  I get into weird phases where I just can’t be bothered to upkeep my blog, which probably ends up working against me […]



In life we strive to try and maintain a certain degree of balance in most aspects:  work and play, love and hate, yin and yang .. however you choose to label it, we generally don’t want an excess of one and a lack of the other.  We go through periods where one aspect might outweigh […]



So I’ve been reading the book, “He’s just not that into you”, and there’s only one thing I’ve been able to gather from the first 4 chapters.  If: 1) He doesn’t call 2) He doesn’t write 3) He doesn’t kiss you goodnight 4) He doesn’t ask you on another date 5) He doesn’t try to […]



So one of these guys I’ve been talking to post-free-communication has actually shown himself to have some potential. 1 – also a vegetarian 2 – self-sufficient adult 3 – loves to do active/outdoors things 4 – has a dog 5 – culinary adventurer 6 – likes louder music 7 – plays video games (almost negligeable […]



While I am a fan of mystery and surprises, I also have a rather strong dislike walking on eggshells, waiting for the inevitable. (I also dislike eggplant, people who confuse homonyms, and rush hour traffic) I’ll be the first to admit that I missed having Darwin around when he was off on his honeymoon, since […]

So I’ve accepted I can’t keep avoiding my computer forever.  Sure I stop in here and there to check email and stuff, but I am severely falling behind in my reading.  I scanned slashdot for the first time in WEEKS yesterday.  Weeks?!?  Something seems wrong with this equation .. Especially when I got home from […]

Fatty Acids


When I travel places or stay at someone else’s house I typically bring my own soaps and shampoos with me.  It’s nothing personal but I have sensitivities and know what products work best to not cause rashes and to leave my hair shiny and smooth.   This isn’t to say that I never have used other […]