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I’ve taken more biology courses over my life than I’d care to remember, but one of the common themes that always popped up with them was evolution.   And I always understood the main point of it, bubbling back to ‘survival of the fittest’ or ‘adapt or die’.  What I hated was that 10 different scientists […]

Nothing Witty


Just feeling rather meh. Not quite sure what to make of things with Dex – going from talking on a daily basis to not hearing from him for days on end is not really sitting well with me.  In fact, I’m taking it as a downright rejection of sorts.  A very slow moving rejection. Here’s […]

Heavy Metals


So while Tuesday and Wednesday had me going on last minute dates with the programmer, on Thursday I went on a planned ahead date with a local guy.  Yeah, that makes me a little bit easy or something, by going on three dates in a row.  At least I didn’t double book. I’ve been emailing […]

So here is the thing about my life – I like it how it is.  I live in on my own, by my own rules, at my own pace, and by whatever means fits my mood at the time.  It’s called independence people, and it’s what I thrive in. But a relationship?  Or even when […]



While I am a fan of mystery and surprises, I also have a rather strong dislike walking on eggshells, waiting for the inevitable. (I also dislike eggplant, people who confuse homonyms, and rush hour traffic) I’ll be the first to admit that I missed having Darwin around when he was off on his honeymoon, since […]



As for the rest of my life .. I’m not exactly sure where to even start, so I’ll use Darwin’s wedding as a reference point.  It was almost a month ago, so it’s as good a place to start as any. I mentioned before that Darwin had this thing about trying to set me up […]



The following dialogue occurred today at approximately 6:00pm EST with my ex: k says:  yeah me too … still a fan of the idea of eloping D says:  yes…. I like that idea much better k says:  Darwin actually asked last night if you got married yet, it was funny lol D says:  Lol  … […]