In life we strive to try and maintain a certain degree of balance in most aspects:  work and play, love and hate, yin and yang .. however you choose to label it, we generally don’t want an excess of one and a lack of the other.  We go through periods where one aspect might outweigh the other, but at some point everything tends to shift back to a relative norm with a near equal distribution.

Sometimes I’m not entirely sure if I am naive, or I genuinely have become an optimist and try to hope for the best in people.  On Friday I felt horrible and skeptical about Dex, and whenever these moments happen, where I seem to harbour some form of doubt, he manages to pop up and erradicate them.  He messaged me shortly after new years and we spent a few hours talking via text.  The end result is that he wanted me to show up earlier for our date on Saturday so we could spend some time together before going to the movie.

See here’s the thing that’s funny about the entire situation:  I just wanted to spend time with him, curled up on the couch watching tv, have some sex, maybe order in a pizza .. just doing laid back things to get reaccustomed to one another.  But he has this idea in his head that we have to do ‘date things’, and not just spend the entire time in bed for it to count as a date.   Whether it’s going out for food, or to a movie, or to do other ‘date-like’ activities, the outting is required in order for the meeting to be considered a ‘date’.  So far, we’ve been on six dates.

So I met him at his place, and we spent some time together.  Went to go get movie tickets, grabbed some dinner.  Then spent some more time at his place, saw the movie, came home and spent some more time together.  My plan consisted of my spending the night and leaving in the afternoon the next day.  However what ended up happening was that we napped, we talked, we played video games, watched some movies … I kept staying later and later, until next thing I know I’m curled up asleep against him on the couch and he kisses my forehead, telling me to come up to bed.  I remember apologizing because I was too tired to drive, and he said it was okay because he likes it when I spend the night.

When we woke up this morning we spent some more time together, then I told him I was going to head home as our date had exceeded a 48 hour timeline at that point.

I used to spend entire weekends with my ex, but that was due to the distance issue; a 2.5 hr drive does not lend well to swinging by for a quick dinner before heading home.  But with Dex this situation is different, being that he lives a 25 minute drive from my house, so technically I have no reason to not go home after each and every date.  And each time I spend the night there it feels weird to me, like I should go home because it’s not an issue for me to make it back easily.  Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy spending the night with him, and it is nice to waking up to someone wrapping their arms around you and kissing the back of your neck.  Sometimes I just feel as if it’s excessive, like it’s breaking some cardinal rule of the dating universe.  But it feels so nice at the same time.

In the last 48 hours many things happened that, though are potentially worthy of complete blog posts, I just don’t really feel like committing them to eternity on the internet.  They’re private moments, and private information.  And though Dex may pride himself on remembering everything I say in case it may useful against me later, I’ll just have to rely on my shotty memory to be able to do likewise.  Noteworthy however are that we had some pretty interesting conversation about our pasts, that he’s taken initiative to meet some my less conventional interests, we’re about equally skilled at FPS games, and he said that he missed me.

Granted, he might have been in me when he said that, but it still counts in my opinion.

“Satisfaction lies in the effort, not in the attainment, full effort is full victory.” – Gandhi


4 Responses to “Metrology”

  1. 1 h

    Dating is supposed to be nice! The fact that it does doesn’t mean anything… except that it is nice. :p

    (I like this post more than the others)

  2. 3 h

    I think the fact that you voiced concern about it being a bedroom relationship and now have to hold him back from taking you on date type activities is telling. (Hint: he likes you too)

    • 4 keewt

      in ways I wish you never said this. I liked it better when I wasn’t sure if he liked me lol.

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