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It’s been a bit since my last blog, and I suppose a few things have happened since then that might be considered noteworthy. First off, Dex and I had a conversation last weekend that helped to soothe the soul a bit.  While lying in bed one day, I started the dialogue by saying “What I’m […]

So here is the thing about my life – I like it how it is.  I live in on my own, by my own rules, at my own pace, and by whatever means fits my mood at the time.  It’s called independence people, and it’s what I thrive in. But a relationship?  Or even when […]

Free Radicals


I’ve been having some weird dreams lately about a guy at work, namely about Avo.  God it’s been awhile since I’ve mentioned him, hasn’t it?  I think this is mainly because things with have been really platonic.  We talk, and he makes it a point to say hi to me every day, but it’s not […]



I had a strange thought .. no, a strange feeling … as I was driving to my friend’s place.  The one was having a party to celebrate her birthday, and as I found myself racing, already late, to make it to her party I found myself in a weird moment. I wished that I wasn’t […]

I had this weird dream back on the weekend that involved a few men in my life, namely Chaos and co-worker lackey.  In the dream I was at some dinner at a friend’s house, but I can’t remember which friend but I think I was their roomate.  It was a large group consisting of friends […]

Fatty Acids


When I travel places or stay at someone else’s house I typically bring my own soaps and shampoos with me.  It’s nothing personal but I have sensitivities and know what products work best to not cause rashes and to leave my hair shiny and smooth.   This isn’t to say that I never have used other […]

Thursday nights are rough for me post-work seeing as how there are three television shows I’d like to all watch at the exact same time.  Because of this I have to make a tough decision, choosing one over the other two.  Sometimes one is a repeat, or even two, making the decision easier, but this […]