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As for the rest of my life .. I’m not exactly sure where to even start, so I’ll use Darwin’s wedding as a reference point.  It was almost a month ago, so it’s as good a place to start as any. I mentioned before that Darwin had this thing about trying to set me up […]



The following dialogue occurred today at approximately 6:00pm EST with my ex: k says:  yeah me too … still a fan of the idea of eloping D says:  yes…. I like that idea much better k says:  Darwin actually asked last night if you got married yet, it was funny lol D says:  Lol  … […]

Free Radicals


I’ve been having some weird dreams lately about a guy at work, namely about Avo.  God it’s been awhile since I’ve mentioned him, hasn’t it?  I think this is mainly because things with have been really platonic.  We talk, and he makes it a point to say hi to me every day, but it’s not […]



k: did I ever tell you how Chaos showed me some code he did awhile back? C: no you didnt k: yeah k: I got slightly turned on by it k: not by him k: by THE CODE C: haha C: what code was it? C: and thats awesome. k: just some visual basic involving […]

What would you say if I told you I had a boy’s phone number written across the back of my left hand? What if I told you it belonged to a boy from work? Or that it’s one I may have liked a bit, a good while ago? And that it’s one I may have […]



Tonight at work the following dialogue occurred: me:  *mid-conversation* … blah blah .. ooooh!  I see coffee girl:  *blinks as I shuffle away* me:  *stops next to the man and puts my arm around his shoulder, pulling him into a hug* well if it isn’t my favorite midnight shift supervisor! him:  *looks around*  Chaos (real […]



I know there is a moral to this whole experience, but trying to figure out exactly what is becoming more complicated than I might have thought. When my friend from Minnesota (whom I’ve previously associated as Mr. J and shall now refer to as Cesium) threw out the idea of meeting for a music festival […]