Tonight at work the following dialogue occurred:

me:  *mid-conversation* … blah blah .. ooooh!  I see coffee

girl:  *blinks as I shuffle away*

me:  *stops next to the man and puts my arm around his shoulder, pulling him into a hug* well if it isn’t my favorite midnight shift supervisor!

him:  *looks around*  Chaos (real name used)?

me: *blinks* no, I meant you and … well, do you have a coffee for me or not?

him:  nah, this one is black and I know that’s not how you like it

everyone in the room: *awkward silence*

So here’s the thing — it wasn’t the fact that he insinuated I’m not into black cock (which I’m not, but anyway) in front of a live audience; I’m used to those things with him.  It was the fact that he assumed Chaos would be my favorite.  I suppose at one point in time I might have agreed that it was the logical choice, but these days?  I’ve started to understand the meaning of the word excommunication, seeing as how we talk so little.  Which is a good thing, but that people seem to think we are still close-slash-friendly kind of surprised me.  We’re civil, but that’s about it.

Last Friday there was an issue with his department, so I called him to give a head’s up.  I was surprised when he turned up a short while later, dressed in a white shirt and wearing his signature cologne.  As I talked to him and the scent hit my nose I felt … nothing.  No triggers, no memories or moments of longing.  Proof that progress can be made.

“Be careful what you pretend to be because you are what you pretend to be.” — Kurt Vonnegut


2 Responses to “Misfirings”

  1. 1 h


    I thought this would amuse you. Not the injuries, of course, but the manner in which they were sustained. And the fact that it was done for fun.

    I ❤ my school sometimes. 🙂

    PS: Your blog needs watering!

    • 2 keewt


      It’s doubly funny since my coworkers were watching videos of homemade explosions just the other day!

      I know my blog has been supremely neglected. I’ve been romantically unavailable for awhile, but I do have things to write about. This weekend!

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