Lunar Cycles


As predictable as the moon, things always happen in a cyclical way for me.  In this context in naturally involves S.  We haven’t really talked much at all, period.  But being on his shift, for the first few days things stayed as they were.  As more days passed, our conversations got a bit longer.  Then the random visits started, and today was one in which he visited my department a record number of four times.

Which of course caused problems, as indicated in the following conversation I shared with C:

k says:  yes, it’s a dealbreaker for me.  OH, speaking of annoying ironic things … so one of the guys walks into the lab today and he’s like “so I think S has a crush on you”
k says:  I was like ‘what?!?!’

C says:  oh my, this cant be good

k  says:  he says “well he’s down here all the time joking and laughing with you, and he doesn’t ever come down here when CF is here.  They stick a girl in here though and he’s stuck to you like glue”.  I laughed it off and told him that we’re friends outside of work then actually commented on how we used to hang out, but haven’t recently, which is odd but oh well.  And emphasized ‘platonic friends’, it was still weird though .. and he’s not the first to say something like that to me
C says:  hmm.  Sounds like your office is trying to find stuff for the rumour mill
k says:  oh yeah, I specifically told him to stop saying these things, lest the rumour mill be starting on it.  He promised he wouldn’t feed it with that, but yeah
k says:  I’ve noticed he’s stopping in a lot more as the week is progressing, three .. no four times tonight.  Twice he actually sat down and talked for like 10 minutes
C says:  bordem?
k says:  well yeah that’s what i figure
C says:  esp. on that shift
k says:  but i guess i can see where/why people misinterpret that

In other news, I decided the other day I’m cancelling my date with the preacher man.  His facebook status is constantly set to something about looking for a wife and someone to be a mom to his kids.  Which is not something I’m into being.  And even if that’s not how he regards me, if I’m just some booty call to him, something to pass the time.  I’m not into that either.  I’m worth more, and frankly it’s not something I want this stage in the game.  Right now I don’t want much of anything, and I’m tired of feeling like I should fulfill the expectations of others.  So yeah, cancelling with an explanation.  Then defriending him most likely.


2 Responses to “Lunar Cycles”

  1. 1 h

    Tell him you’re Eastern Orthodox and it just wouldn’t work. Easier letdown.

    • 2 keewt

      I actually just defriended him like a dragon in the niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight

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