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-OH Effects


Random dialogue with C, re: hitting on my married buddy while drunk: k: you’ve really gotta stop pimping me out to him C: you started it C: and it was one of your greatest hits k: LOL C: i remember him when you said that to him k: I was drunk, that’s my story and […]

Fatty Acids


When I travel places or stay at someone else’s house I typically bring my own soaps and shampoos with me.  It’s nothing personal but I have sensitivities and know what products work best to not cause rashes and to leave my hair shiny and smooth.   This isn’t to say that I never have used other […]

As I am not a believer in Valentine’s Day, I refuse to call it by it’s name. So I woke up and had breakfast with my dad and siblings, as well as their significant others.  This was another reminder that my brother and I are the only single ones.  If this wasn’t clear enough we […]



While I find myself to be the type of person who enjoys a good story and getting lost in it periodically, I tend to frown upon such things playing out in my real life.  I tend to view people who lie as being not worth my time because I believe in quality over quantity, and […]

I met Mr. Right at a weird point in my life – I was in the process of ending things with a guy, and he happened to be the person to whom I vented my frustrations.  At first it was purely platonic, but as time progressed and days turned into weeks turned into months it […]

Thursday nights are rough for me post-work seeing as how there are three television shows I’d like to all watch at the exact same time.  Because of this I have to make a tough decision, choosing one over the other two.  Sometimes one is a repeat, or even two, making the decision easier, but this […]

I find that an idle mind can be your worst enemy, and in that regard when I find mine to be immersed in particular thoughts it’s usually better to … divert its attention to something else.  In this regard, an iPod stocked up with hours of music is my best friend.  For the past few […]