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Sex and Love


Last weekend while searching through the channels to find something on tv to fill the time I came across the series finale for Sex and the City.   It’s one of my things — my chick things.  I like to indulge in things like satc, Gilmore Girls, and the occasional Veronica Mars.  I can’t help it, […]

The Legacy Rule


In the world of regulations there is a rule known as the legacy rule – it dictates that if there a method you’ve been using in the past you can claim its acceptability under the legacy rule.  The logic is that it’s been in use without issue for a set period of time, so it […]



I had a strange thought .. no, a strange feeling … as I was driving to my friend’s place.  The one was having a party to celebrate her birthday, and as I found myself racing, already late, to make it to her party I found myself in a weird moment. I wished that I wasn’t […]

There are very few pet peeves in life that I find hard to swallow, enough so that it actually makes my stomach turn and regret the chili nachos I had consumed hours before. I have known this couple for about 2 years now, and I would dare say I’m practically a 50:50 equalist in my […]

2 + 2 = 4


I’m pretty good at ignoring the obvious, or at the very least pretending I don’t see the obvious when it’s sitting right in front of me.  And usually when it comes to boys I’m pretty competent at not seeing that they are flirting and/or interested, with very limited exceptions: – Chaos (I reluctantly concurr with […]

The other day while driving to my parents’ house I heard something on the radio that reminded me of the video game guy from work.  You know, the one who gave me God of War 3?  We’ve been chatting quite a bit over the last few weeks with my being offshift so I’ve learned more […]