Divide and Multiply


The other day while driving to my parents’ house I heard something on the radio that reminded me of the video game guy from work.  You know, the one who gave me God of War 3?  We’ve been chatting quite a bit over the last few weeks with my being offshift so I’ve learned more about him and his interests.  One of the things that we share as a common interest is that we were both total grungeheads back in highschool and have similar tastes in music currently.

(Sidenote:  I don’t think I like GoW3 very much.  I’m going to question my taste in games if it turns out to be game of the year)

So when I heard this thing on the radio I resolved that I was going to leave him a message on FB telling him about it when I got to my sister’s house.  But the dude beat me to the punch by sending me a friends request.

So we’re now FB friends, just as I remove the preacher man from my current list.   Oh speaking of which, I never actually cancelled my date.  He went out of town, without even telling me.  Final straw, the universe has spoken.  Finito.

Facebook will be the death of me … or the cause of me eventually finding a boyfriend.  I’m not entirely sure which.

Ironically I had a weird conversation with my dental hygenist — she’s an old friend of mine from middle school, so we always have plenty to catch up on while she cleans six-months worth of crud from my gumline.  Apparently my father talks about me a great deal during his appointments; she says he beams when talking about my accomplishments and that clearly I am ‘the apple of his eye’.  This amused me somewhat.  I told her the story of Chaos getting married to random thai chick when he hit 30 and she was boggled by that.  Amused, but boggled.  This opened the door to her venting about issues in her marriage.

Which is not part of our dynamic or banter typically.  Ahem.

She told me how she thinks I got it right, not getting married and keeping my options open.  She went on to explain that her husband is easy on the eyes and attractive, but they have nothing in common nor anything to talk about.  She said she wasn’t sure why she decided to marry him since they don’t like to do anything the other does and barely spend time together because of this.  She went on to explain that she wouldn’t change anything, since she loves her children and her life, but she just wonders at times if she settled too quickly.  I told her that nah I didn’t really have the right idea.  I could very easily end up alone because I wait too long.  She nodded, but you could see the wheels were still turning for her.

Food for thought while gargling with Listerine.


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