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Reducing Sugars


Alright, so I’m overdue for an update on the Dex situation I imagine, or even just my dating life in general.  The last post was rather emo-filled and fuelled by feelings of being sick, alone, and feeling vulnerable. I wish I could say things have changed.  Granted I’m not sick, nor alone.  Feeling rather vulnerable. […]



As for the rest of my life .. I’m not exactly sure where to even start, so I’ll use Darwin’s wedding as a reference point.  It was almost a month ago, so it’s as good a place to start as any. I mentioned before that Darwin had this thing about trying to set me up […]

The other day while driving to my parents’ house I heard something on the radio that reminded me of the video game guy from work.  You know, the one who gave me God of War 3?  We’ve been chatting quite a bit over the last few weeks with my being offshift so I’ve learned more […]

I’ve always been a believer of karma; that universal balance of good and bad.  Carrying this belief always made me feel that even though I  might be getting screwed over now, the end will justify the means.  Like doing an acid-base titration, good and bad need be in perfect balance in order to reach the […]

Well, not entirely sure where to go with this post.  Originally I was going to write it this morning, when things were different.  But now it’s night, and things are even more different and so, my plan of attack is slightly .. different. My health is once again in a dismal state, and my emotions […]



The term ‘bioequivalence’ is one that my professor tosses around quite often in my course. The general concept of the word is that if you were to create a new product that is supposed to be a replicate or (as called in the pharmaceutical industry) ‘generic’ compound.   For something to be considered bioequivalent then it […]

Following a link through a link I came across this gem in another blog.  I can think of many men (including S) to whom I would love to forward this list  …. I truly believe if all men knew how to give a girl a good romp the world would be a much happier place.  […]