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It’s been a bit since my last blog, and I suppose a few things have happened since then that might be considered noteworthy. First off, Dex and I had a conversation last weekend that helped to soothe the soul a bit.  While lying in bed one day, I started the dialogue by saying “What I’m […]

Ag Lining


One thing that has become abundantly clear with my increased dating and it’s correlated increased sexual activity – I am severely out of shape in terms of endurance, stamina, resistance, and flexibility. I joined a gym that’s around the corner from my place, and also started attending weekly yoga classes that are headed by a […]

First off let me make the following statement:  this is not self-sabotage. Let me follow that statement with this revision:  this is not conscious self-sabotage. I had a few dreams this week that started to pick at the mortar between the bricks of my trust in Dex.  He hasn’t done anything to instigate this, and […]



So I’ve been reading the book, “He’s just not that into you”, and there’s only one thing I’ve been able to gather from the first 4 chapters.  If: 1) He doesn’t call 2) He doesn’t write 3) He doesn’t kiss you goodnight 4) He doesn’t ask you on another date 5) He doesn’t try to […]



So one of these guys I’ve been talking to post-free-communication has actually shown himself to have some potential. 1 – also a vegetarian 2 – self-sufficient adult 3 – loves to do active/outdoors things 4 – has a dog 5 – culinary adventurer 6 – likes louder music 7 – plays video games (almost negligeable […]



I had a strange thought .. no, a strange feeling … as I was driving to my friend’s place.  The one was having a party to celebrate her birthday, and as I found myself racing, already late, to make it to her party I found myself in a weird moment. I wished that I wasn’t […]



Last weekend I set up a date with the preacher for dinner and a movie.  He was insistent on driving down to my neck of the woods to take me out on the town to wine-and-dine me in his attempts to woo. Yesterday I cancelled. In my defense I rescheduled the date … again … […]