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Catch 52


Well, it’s been an eventful few weeks. Last weekend I had my date on Friday with Dex, which I actually blogged about earlier.  What I failed to blog about was what happened on the Sunday.  Here’s the skinny – I had something I’ve been meaning to tell Dex for awhile but I just could never […]

Reducing Sugars


Alright, so I’m overdue for an update on the Dex situation I imagine, or even just my dating life in general.  The last post was rather emo-filled and fuelled by feelings of being sick, alone, and feeling vulnerable. I wish I could say things have changed.  Granted I’m not sick, nor alone.  Feeling rather vulnerable. […]



Friday night saw me going on a date with a guy. I don’t really know how to put the entire affair into words, so I guess I’ll just start at the beginning. I rushed home after work, leaving late, to change outfits and get ready to run to the city for my big night.  I […]



k: did I ever tell you how Chaos showed me some code he did awhile back? C: no you didnt k: yeah k: I got slightly turned on by it k: not by him k: by THE CODE C: haha C: what code was it? C: and thats awesome. k: just some visual basic involving […]

Ummm … yeah. I think that, during my attempts at playful banter, I -might- have asked a guy out. But I’m not sure yet. As a background — I invited him to an event as a joke, and he replied saying it was the weirdest invite he had ever received, and it was a pity […]

The Legacy Rule


In the world of regulations there is a rule known as the legacy rule – it dictates that if there a method you’ve been using in the past you can claim its acceptability under the legacy rule.  The logic is that it’s been in use without issue for a set period of time, so it […]



Last weekend I set up a date with the preacher for dinner and a movie.  He was insistent on driving down to my neck of the woods to take me out on the town to wine-and-dine me in his attempts to woo. Yesterday I cancelled. In my defense I rescheduled the date … again … […]