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I went on about two dates with the guy before the third one; the one in which I let things finally get more intimate.  The first was a get-to-know-you encounter that started with dinner and ended with us sitting in a coffee shop for almost seven hours, talking about random things.  When I got home […]

Fight or Flight


I’m currently wondering what the fuck I am doing. As someone who loathes games and the type of people who play them, then why do I find myself playing them? me:  it’s just harmless flirting, it’s not like I’m playing headgames with him C:  but you are.  You’re flirting, and that in itself is a […]

I’ve always been a believer of karma; that universal balance of good and bad.  Carrying this belief always made me feel that even though I  might be getting screwed over now, the end will justify the means.  Like doing an acid-base titration, good and bad need be in perfect balance in order to reach the […]

I came across this cute website called the first kiss project.  My first impulse was to submit a story of my own, but I couldn’t pinpoint exactly which one would be the best story.  Thus, the only logical course of action was to klepto the idea and twist it to be a little more my […]

Prime Numbers


Last night while in bed I was left pondering about various things.  One tangent that my mind wandered down ended up in an unexpected area:  I found myself thinking about a guy I haven’t really given any thought to in about 6 years.  For simplicity’s sake we’ll call him Alpha. One of the pathetic things […]

Today has been a morning of very .. confusing events, and with a certain degree of weirdness.   Last night I went to bed, tossing and turning over things with Chaos.  While my consciousness  is slowly weeding him out, my subconscious keeps dragging him back into my mind and making it harder.  I don’t know -why- […]



While laying in bed tonight I had a thousand and two thoughts running through my head, preventing me from entering the much desired (and merited) REM sleep that my body has demanded for the last few weeks.  I cannot remember the last time I had a dream … well actually I can, it was a […]