So I’ve been reading the book, “He’s just not that into you”, and there’s only one thing I’ve been able to gather from the first 4 chapters.  If:

1) He doesn’t call

2) He doesn’t write

3) He doesn’t kiss you goodnight

4) He doesn’t ask you on another date

5) He doesn’t try to have sex with you

All of these mean – he’s just not that into you.


So here’s the thing with Dex – he writes me.  Every day, without fail.  Except when he was moving, and even then he went out of his way to send me a little message.  But it’s been two weeks since our last date and there seem to be no effort being made to set up another.  Now it could be because he just moved, and he’s setting up and getting adjusted to the new house.  Or he could just not be into me.  I’m kind of confused by it all.  Here’s my data analysis so far:

a)  he emails you daily – interested

b) he hasn’t asked you on another date – not interested

c) he kissed your cheek last time you went out – interested

d) he hasn’t asked you on another date – not interested

e) he seems particularly interested in how I feel about my new Hitachi – sexual undertone denotes interest (or pervert)

f) he hasn’t asked you on another date – not interested


Pretty 50:50 distribution going through my brain these days.

After a discussion with C, she seems to be of the opinion that I should take the initiative and ask him out again.  I think she’s equally perplexed about this situation, or if she knows either way what he’s thinking/saying, she’s not telling me.  Other than I should take initiative and ask him out.  But I’m old-fashioned, in the sense that I like the guy to do it.  And technically I asked him to the movies the last time, so in my mind it’s his turn.

Then again, what have I got to lose?  Worst case he says no, he just sees me as a friend.  Which actually wouldn’t be the worst thing ever, but not exactly the path I’d like for it to follow.

God dating sucks.

(In other news, I spent 4 hours playing Black Ops with Darwin’s friend last night.  The one he keeps wanting to set me up with.  Such a good time.)


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