Heavy Metals


So while Tuesday and Wednesday had me going on last minute dates with the programmer, on Thursday I went on a planned ahead date with a local guy.  Yeah, that makes me a little bit easy or something, by going on three dates in a row.  At least I didn’t double book.

I’ve been emailing with him for the past two months, and unlike the previous guy who was sporatic in his emailing habits, this guy emailed me practically every day.  In cleaning out my inbox I found no less than 60 emails over a two month period.  That folks, is what I call dedication.

Either way, about two weeks ago he finally asked if I wanted to meet up for coffee.  To which I replied ‘absolutely!  But can it wait until next week …’, and he was completely cool about it.  So sure enough, as Thursday rolled around we finalized plans and met up.

Props for him being on time, and also for not mocking my for my old school DS.  We got some dinner at the coffeeshop, and at first I had bad feelings about the situation.  I seemed to be doing all the talking, with him adding bits in here and there that were pretty short and to the point.  In a lot of cases he’d be prompting me into conversation topics, things such as ‘I remember you saying that you were into ____’.  Is it bad if I say I was surprised by this?  Maybe it was due to the dates with the guy who was more into himself than others, but the fact that this guy was able to tell me things about myself that I told him months ago was amazing.  Whether he remembered all these details or he did his homework before the date, it certainly earned him brownie points.

When the coffee was done I figured we’d be leaving, but the entire date lasted for about 4.5 hours.  We were actually there until the coffeeshop closed.  Where at the start he wasn’t really talkative, somewhere between hour 2 and hour 3 he started to open up more.  By the time we were about to leave he was actually doing most of the talking, which was a nice change of pace.  I took it as a compliment that he started to open up more with me.  But up until that point, with me doing most the talking I’d already done way too much rambling.  I’m one of those people who hates awkward silences, so I’ll say something, god anything, just to fill that space.  And my brain-mouth filter isn’t always fully operational, so the end result was my telling stories that might have been better left unsaid until a later date.

Like propositioning my married friend when I had too much tequila one time.

Or bringing up random topics that probably aren’t good first date topics.

Like anal sex.  Enough said.

I think I said “I swear, I’m not a slut even if it sounds that way” no less than three times.  So when later in the conversation when I asked him about something, then said “oh, sorry if that’s too personal, you don’t have to answer”, he replied with “well I know more than enough about you, I could share something”.  I blushed and apologized for rambling, and he said “hey, more ammunition for me”.  Props dude, props.

Anyway, when we parted ways we left it pretty open.  There was a huge awkward silence, in which I said I was awkward like this, and he laughed and said he was too.  It was like we were trying to decide if we were supposed to give a goodnight kiss, and in the end he said he had fun and I said I’d talk to him soon.

He emailed me the next day to remind me of what a great time he had … and that I told him Hitachi made vibrators.

“Success is when reality exceeds expectations.” – John D. Gerhart


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