Binary Code


It’s hard to believe that computer functions are essentially based on two numbers strung together in an assortment of strings and sequences.  But essentially that’s how the internet runs, and it’s a principle that applies across various areas of life.

I met this guy from the city on a dating site that caught my eye immediately for the sole reason that he’s a programmer in the gaming industry.  So it took about 3-4 months, but eventually we got to the point of emailing one another which excited me at first.  But then his replies were very sporatic – one day, five days, three days, six days.  I could have understood to an extent if it wasn’t for the fact that he works at a computer all day long, and each email started with ‘sorry it took so long, but ….’.  Repetitive excuses are not endearing.

He replied to an email of mine on Monday, and rather frustrated with the situation I sent a reply that indicated ‘gee if it wasn’t for the fact that it takes about 9 days for you to reply to my emails I would have totally suggested we meet up for dinner tomorrow night, since I’m in the city’.

He replied 15 minutes later.

We met for sushi downtown, and it actually was really good.  The sushi, I mean.  The date itself was impressive enough.  Conversation went back and forth pretty freely, we had a few laughs and talked for a few hours.  As we were leaving the restaurant he said “this was fun.  You’re still here tomorrow, right?  How about we grab a drink?”.  I was flabbergasted that he was asking me out again so soon, but I accepted and figured ‘why not?’.

I met up with him in this pub downtown where we each ordered food and a beer.   He seemed pretty laid back and comfortable, which of course made my demeanor mimic his.  We ate we talked some more, with him sharing stories about the work that he does.  Normally I’d find listening to someone talk about their progress on the multiplayer component of the latest installment of a popular game series to be equivalent to porn.  But I found the words coming out of his mouth were overshadowed by his ego.   I have no issues with someone having confidence, or speaking of their work with a visible pride.  However, I find nothing more annoying than someone with an attitude that screams ‘I am vastly superior’ and oozing arrogance.   I would have assumed I was misinterpreting things, if it wasn’t for the fact that he spent no less than 15 minutes actually bragging about how awesome and important he was in the gaming industry in this area.  Especially when I was the complete opposite and was talking about degradation products, when I threw out a product name that was so long it made him blink.  I apologized, explaining that sometimes I get ‘lost in the lingo’.  I wasn’t trying to look or sound smart in order to intimidate or impress him; I can’t say that he was the same.

I remember talking to Darwin and his wife about the situation after my date, and as soon as I mentioned the huge lapse in email replies he laughed and said ‘he’s just playing the game’.  ‘The Game’ seems to dictate that a guy should never reply to an email immediately, and the longer you wait the more eager a woman will be for that reply.  Apparently when I sent the email about meeting up the next night I called him on it, forcing his hand so to speak.  If he wanted to meet me he’d have to break his cycle, and the simple fact that he replied so quickly proved that their theory was correct.  Furthermore, when his hotmail was being flakey while we were trying to set up plans he actually gave me his work email to ensure speedy reply.  So yeah, total player.  Total game.  Total turnoff.

Don’t get me wrong, the date was overall good.  When it ended, he said he had fun and that we should keep in touch.  But I haven’t felt this overwhelming urge to contact him, nor have I felt anxious about not hearing from him.  I can only assume this means I’m not really into him, nor the idea of another date.

“He was like a cock who thought the sun had risen to hear him crow.” – George Eliot


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