Two posts in one day – insanity.

It is with a heavy heart .. okay not heart, conscience?  No not that either .. a heavy sigh?  That’ll work.

It’s with a heavy sigh that I write this entry, because it essentially capture the philosophical death of two people I’ve been somewhat associated with in the past 365 days.

First, we say goodbye to Chaos.  I know.  Remember that post from long long ago (if you can find it let me know, because I sure as hell can’t) where I threw out the rationale that the only way to get a clean slate from Chaos was for one of us to move away from here.  By remove the possibility physically encountering one another, all you’re left with is moments on the internet.  And if you remove the day-to-day possibility, it’s much more socially acceptable to remove that person from, say facebook, thus cleaving the bond completely.

Either way, Chaos quit and is moving on to bigger/better things.  Or at least I assume as much, he might be quitting to move to Thailand to be a pimp.  Hell if I know.  In a very very small way, I’ll possibly miss the guy for the few good and uncomplicated times we shared.  But for the most part … yeah, it’s for the better.

We shall also say goodbye to that guy I went on two dates with this year.  He’s been messaging me on msn a lot more often lately, insinuating he’d like to go out again.  He’s also been a bit more, hrmm, sexual in his advances.  Which after the last date just doesn’t make any sense to me.  He did come out and in plain english asked me to go out again, but I wasn’t really receptive to the idea and tried to make that clear in a very polite way.  In the end, today after I teased him (perhaps one too many times) about him slacking off at work, he says he’s going to block me from msn.  And yeah .. I don’t really know what to say about that, other than someone takes rejection even worse than I do.

It’s for the best though.  Now he has plenty of free time to read up about koalas, armadillos and geese on Wikipedia instead of pestering me when he should be doing his work.

“A man never knows how to say goodbye; a woman never knows when to say it.” – Helen Rowland


3 Responses to “Epilogue”

  1. 1 h

    I think you’re destined to be a cat lady, unless you let your friends set you up…

    *nods decidedly*

    • 2 keewt

      I hate you.

      Btw, saw this, thought of you :

      So cool, right?!?!

      • 3 h

        … I am without words.

        Besides, aren’t you allergic to latex? *gives you another rash* (you know, besides the one that’s been troubling you for years)

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