Though devout to slashdot, this tidbit amused me greatly:

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Internet

MMBK writes “Our friends at JESS3 have unveiled The Ex-Blocker. It’s a Firefox and Chrome plugin that erases all name and likeness of your ex from the Internet, even if they become a meme, or the president. You’ll no longer have to threaten to delete your Facebook account or concoct an elaborate e-hoax to assuage the reality-shattering complications that are born from break-ups. Simply construct an Internet that omits bad vibes all together.”

I see the value of such a function, but it makes post-relationship stalking/creeping so much more challenging ….


One Response to “(ha)^2”

  1. 1 h

    As my object-oriented programming textbook quipped, ‘Whereas engineers forever chase reality, programmers are free to create whatever world they choose.’

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