k: did I ever tell you how Chaos showed me some code he did awhile back?

C: no you didnt

k: yeah

k: I got slightly turned on by it

k: not by him

k: by THE CODE

C: haha

C: what code was it?

C: and thats awesome.

k: just some visual basic involving excel spreadsheets

C: and it got you hot and bothered

k: yes 😦

C: why 😦 ?

k: because it’s kind of sad, how looking at code turns me on

C: its not sad. i think its cool. and im sure some guys would agree.

k: staring at this: would likely make me orgasm without any stimulation

k: I have to skim it … in small doses


k: I am shamed

C: haha

C: there are other girls out there that are like that too

C: not me tho 😛

k: I suppose it makes me easy though

k: if a guy wants to get me going he just has to whisper ‘if’ statements in my ear


The same thing happened with Darwin about a month ago, as told to C …..

D: I used quaternions for relative vertex positions during the animation offset calculations.

k: I have no clue what that means, it but sounds hot

D: you want your brain to explode? Try to understand how quaternions work 🙂

D: 4 dimensional math 😛

k: oohh

k: then definitely geekalicious

C: learn it! wikipedia ftw

k: no!

C: you’re really into the geek thing tonight 🙂

k: oh gods

k: he’s explaining it to me

k: and sadly, it is making me somewhat bothered

C: oh my

C: i’ll get you a dry towel

It makes me think maybe I’m not so much into geeks, but geekness.  Wow, that’ll make dating infinitely more complicated :/


3 Responses to “Compiling”

  1. 1 h

    This is now officially the second place I’ve seen quaternions today. Congrats!

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