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k: did I ever tell you how Chaos showed me some code he did awhile back? C: no you didnt k: yeah k: I got slightly turned on by it k: not by him k: by THE CODE C: haha C: what code was it? C: and thats awesome. k: just some visual basic involving […]



Tonight I went out to dinner for a friend’s partner’s birthday … well more specifically, it was for Darwin’s fiancee.  Though they’ve been together for about four years now I could probably count on both hands the number of times that I’ve met the woman.  So when I first received the facebook invite for the […]

What would you say if I told you I had a boy’s phone number written across the back of my left hand? What if I told you it belonged to a boy from work? Or that it’s one I may have liked a bit, a good while ago? And that it’s one I may have […]

Round two with co-worker has begun!  We may not have been able to coordinate attending event #1 a few months ago, but lo and behold!  Event #2 has appeared and he accepted my random invite.  In fact, I was mockingly threatened to watch out, because apparently “it’s on!”. Still not sure what to make of […]