Ummm … yeah.

I think that, during my attempts at playful banter, I -might- have asked a guy out.

But I’m not sure yet.

As a background — I invited him to an event as a joke, and he replied saying it was the weirdest invite he had ever received, and it was a pity he missed the event.  I re-replied indicating that he hadn’t missed it and sent him a formal invite, along with invites to another 10 or so friends.  A girlfriend rsvped, which is awesome, but so did he, which surprised me.

I invited him to go, but the entire context is a mystery.   Is he going on his own, or with his friends?  Or is he going with me?

I pondered this while driving home from my mother’s place, and reached the decision that I’d either bring it up in casual conversation at work or send him a private message mid-week to figure things out.  But lo, I get home and find he’s already sent me a message saying he apparently got kicked out of the event.

And so I accused him of backing out, already.  I may have also accused him of being ‘intimidated by my awesomeness’.

To which he wrote a lengthy reply indicating he is NOT backing out, nor is he intimidated by my awesomeness (to which he supposedly owns the rights).   He even included a little mockery in there by referring to me as ‘princess’.

We then proceeded to talk for about an hour on chat about a slew of random things that we apparently have in common.  I’m not entirely sure where to go with all this — I talked to C about it and she indicated I seem to ‘really like the guy’.  But I don’t think it’s that necessarily — sure I have a crush on him, but that’s not what propels me to want to talk or spend time with him.  He’s smart, he’s funny, witty, and .. I don’t know.  We have a lot in common and he makes me laugh, and I can feel myself smiling around him constantly.  Plus I don’t feel any need to be ‘cool’ or play stupid games with him; I can just be myself and he seems okay with that.

My collection of male friends in my geographical area has become pretty dismal, and in that my main goal with this guy  is to just be friends.   Honestly my planned first attempt at hanging outside of work was going to be asking if he wanted to come over for (non-alcoholic) video gaming, so this change is throwing a wrench in that plan.

Another thing is that I carry around this perspective that he’s going to flake out and/or cancel.  I guess after dealing with Chaos for so long I have this skewed idea that guys are all talk but poor at the follow-through.  When talking to C about it she pointed out he’s different, and sounds ‘better’ for me than S, but meh.  I have poor taste in men, we all know it.

I just wonder what he wonders this is.  I guess I’ll find out in a few days if I just accidentally asked a guy out.

In an interesting twist, I asked Darwin if I could crash at his place on Saturday night after his get-together.  He said sure, then followed it up with a comment that two of his buddies are also staying over — conveniently the two single ones whom he keeps trying to set me up.  It was the *facepalm* heard around the world.  Oh well, maybe I’ll just get smashed and roll with the punches.

Just as long as I’m not rolling around with my tongue down someone’s throat I’ll consider it a good night.

“Everything that goes into my mouth seems to make me fat, everything that comes out of my mouth embarrasses me.” — Gabriel Garcia Marquez


2 Responses to “(Un)Predictability”

  1. 1 h

    Just have a little tequila… what could possibly go wrong?

    • 2 keewt

      I was thinking of picking up a flask so I can bring some with me, like my buddy tends to do.

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