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Tonight at work the following dialogue occurred: me:  *mid-conversation* … blah blah .. ooooh!  I see coffee girl:  *blinks as I shuffle away* me:  *stops next to the man and puts my arm around his shoulder, pulling him into a hug* well if it isn’t my favorite midnight shift supervisor! him:  *looks around*  Chaos (real […]



I know there is a moral to this whole experience, but trying to figure out exactly what is becoming more complicated than I might have thought. When my friend from Minnesota (whom I’ve previously associated as Mr. J and shall now refer to as Cesium) threw out the idea of meeting for a music festival […]

So it wasn’t a date … we were just going to meet up there, which was cool. But the event’s been cancelled, and rescheduled to a date where I can’t go. Is it bad that I feel relieved?  That I feel reassured and less nervous now?  I know that I should have been excited by […]

Ummm … yeah. I think that, during my attempts at playful banter, I -might- have asked a guy out. But I’m not sure yet. As a background — I invited him to an event as a joke, and he replied saying it was the weirdest invite he had ever received, and it was a pity […]

I should have seen it coming.  I knew I should have fucking seen this coming.  But I didn’t until I was knee-deep into it, and by then I was drunk and it was too late. In short form, Chao-ass started messaging on one of my faboo photos, which resulted in a dialogue between us that […]