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Lunar Cycles


As predictable as the moon, things always happen in a cyclical way for me.  In this context in naturally involves S.  We haven’t really talked much at all, period.  But being on his shift, for the first few days things stayed as they were.  As more days passed, our conversations got a bit longer.  Then […]

Absolute Zero


So I did it. I unlocked the truth. I saw the opportunity. I seized the moment.  The day.  Whatever. Carpe diem baby. The very night of the day that I blogged about being indifferent to Chaos’ life is the day that he walks into my department and flops down in a chair near my desk.  […]

So I’ve accepted I can’t keep avoiding my computer forever.  Sure I stop in here and there to check email and stuff, but I am severely falling behind in my reading.  I scanned slashdot for the first time in WEEKS yesterday.  Weeks?!?  Something seems wrong with this equation .. Especially when I got home from […]

The Idiot Gene


I just saw a girlfriend of mine that coincidentally is my backup at work and covered for me on Monday.  During this time she bumped into Chaos and got to talking with him.  He told her how he’s apparently buying a bar in Thailand and moving there in the spring to live there permanently.  I […]



Last weekend I set up a date with the preacher for dinner and a movie.  He was insistent on driving down to my neck of the woods to take me out on the town to wine-and-dine me in his attempts to woo. Yesterday I cancelled. In my defense I rescheduled the date … again … […]

I found out a few weeks ago that my sister is pregnant, due in October.  This means I will be an aunt, a real aunt for the first time.  Don’t get me wrong, I have nieces and nephews, but these are the offspring of my friends who insist on referring to me as ‘ma tante […]

I had this weird dream back on the weekend that involved a few men in my life, namely Chaos and co-worker lackey.  In the dream I was at some dinner at a friend’s house, but I can’t remember which friend but I think I was their roomate.  It was a large group consisting of friends […]