Fatty Acids


When I travel places or stay at someone else’s house I typically bring my own soaps and shampoos with me.  It’s nothing personal but I have sensitivities and know what products work best to not cause rashes and to leave my hair shiny and smooth.   This isn’t to say that I never have used other people’s products, I just generally prefer to use my own.

While taking a shower this morning I grabbed my supplies from the linen closet and threw them on the edge of the tub.  While in the shower I couldn’t help but notice the products that were in there while lathering up my hair.  My stepmother is a fan of Fructis (like me), but my father is, and always has been, a Pert Plus fan.

It got me thinking about the guys I’ve dated and/or slept with, as well as their shampoos of choice.  And in these thoughts I came to a startling conclusion :  as far as I know they were all Head and Shoulders boys.  All the guys I know use one or the other — Pert Plus or Head and Shoulders.  It’s like there is a man  guide that indicates those are the two preferred shampoos for men, right along side the part that recommends they use soaps like Irish Spring.  All manly scents, and the PP/HS works great because they are a shampoo and conditioner in one.

Thinking back on the bathrooms I have visited, I don’t recall seeing a single Pert Plus bottle.  D, R2, R1, even Chaos, all Head and Shoulders.   Which put my brain into another line of thought — if girls generally tend to pursue men who are like their fathers, does that also apply to scents?  Would I naturally be more attracted to a man who uses Irish Spring or my dad’s deoderant than one who doesn’t?  It just struck me as odd that not one single guy that I have been with has used the same shampoo as my father.  And I should be so lucky as to meet and date a man like my father.

[And no, I don’t mean by that I want to date my father.  Ew.]

I might have to start using this as a gauge when I first meet guys; ask to use their washroom and check out what shampoo they use.   Head and Shoulders has been always been a chronic problem when it comes to my hair (as it actually gives me dandruff), but maybe it can serve a more practical use as a warning flag.  Guys who use it have certainly done me no good so far to date.

“Soap and water and common sense are the best disinfectants” — William Osler


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