The Imitation Pi


As I am not a believer in Valentine’s Day, I refuse to call it by it’s name.

So I woke up and had breakfast with my dad and siblings, as well as their significant others.  This was another reminder that my brother and I are the only single ones.  If this wasn’t clear enough we were then told about how we are so identical in personalities and such, as if that would explain why we are both single [correct answer: for both of us, by choice].

Hung around and talked new video games with the boys while chatting on msn with random IRC dude.  He confuses me, being that he flirts so damn much.  He figured out yesterday on msn that my status message discussing MW2 meant ‘Modern Warfare 2’, meaning that I played it.  He then literally ALMOST creamed himself.  I’ve been talking to the guy a week before he figured out I’m into gaming, props people.  Props.

Watched the olympics for a bit, went groc shopping with my sister.  Came home and watched more olympics.  Made myself some dinner [lentils with roasted salmon] while my parents went to visit some friends.  Took a bath and played the campaign mode on MW2 some more.  Watched more olympics with the parental units upon their return, wishing I had sliced myself deeper while shaving my legs earlier that night so I had bled out.  At least we won a medal this time.

Decided to try multiplayer on MW2.  A guy from work on my friends list invited me to join him, so we played together for over 2 hours.  Which is how I transitioned out of the HH and into February 15th — killing random internet people with my co-worker lackey.  Ah bonding experiences … he’s going to mock me mercilessly on Tuesday I bet.

So here’s my thing about MW2 – I actually really enjoy the single player campaign on it, despite what people are saying about how the multiplayer is the only way to enjoy the game.  I like that it has a beginner level below normal which distinctly specifies “for people who are new to playing FPS”, which is me.  So though I felt a little shame in selecting recruit, at least I knew I was playing at my caliber for the storyline.  I still ended up dying a billion times because I couldn’t figure out exactly what I was supposed to do, but eventually I got there.  Plus you still get trophies, which is kind of good.  Gives me a false sense of pride.

Now the multiplayer .. sigh.  What to say about it?  Well I will admit I like the auto-lockon that is available in MW2 over the manual form in Killzone 2, but I don’t find it works as well in the multi format as the single player. Which probably ties into the second issue I have with it: there are no ranked matches.  So me, being a pathetic level 1 [level 3 by the end of the night] was playing with people who were all a lot higher of rank than me.  Co-worker lackey was a 63, in example.  The next nearest level was a 22, so it’s understandable that my ass got smoked royally.  The game doesn’t seem to have a way to gradually integrate new players into the multiplayer format; you just automatically get dumped in with the people who have been playing since day 1 and have amassed crazy ranks and skills.  In this regard, the fact that I bumped up two ranks in two hours is acceptable for me, being a noob.  My other major complaint is that it respawns you into various locations, which actually resulted in me getting killed as soon as I spawned at least five or six times last night.  It angered me greatly.  In Killzone 2 each team has a base that you respawn in, so at least you stand a chance of making it out without dying immediately.


In other news, I bailed on my date today.   Slept in instead, which was fine since he left me a message saying he couldn’t make it anyway.  I wasn’t psyched up for this date, so it’s probably for the best.



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