Primary Kisses [1999]


I met Mr. Right at a weird point in my life – I was in the process of ending things with a guy, and he happened to be the person to whom I vented my frustrations.  At first it was purely platonic, but as time progressed and days turned into weeks turned into months it became harder to deny we had keyboard chemistry.

Some common acquaintances were throwing a party to which we were both invited.  He encouraged me to come, and I counted my pennies until I figured out a way to make it.   The party was set for new year’s, but a few of us showed up a few days early.  The host came to pick us up, and when I first saw him we gave a very tasteful and shy hug.

We spent some time talking with others, and then we were left alone.  He was on the couch as I was sitting on the floor, resting my head against his knee as he stroked my hair.   We were laughing at a joke when his hand stopped its stroking and I felt his body shift.  I lifted my head as he said “I need to do this”, and as I turned my head to ask what I felt his hand slide through my hair and draw my face to his.  When his lips touched mine they were soft and a little shy, hesitant, but that disappeared as it kept going.  The intensity increased and I felt all those things you read in cheesy romance novels — my pulse was racing, my skin felt on fire, this carnal need to devour him.   As we heard people talking in the kitchen we broke the kiss, he placed my head back against his knee and returned to stroking.

It was probably my favorite first kiss to date, and every kiss after always initiated the same reaction from me.  Chemistry on multiple levels.


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