I’ve always been able to relate xkcd to an extent, but this comic once shown to me just seemed to hit home on how almost all of my relationships come to fruition.

I meet a guy, we talk, we hang out, we have sex, and at some point we end up in a relationship.  It’s never really a huge dialogue that occurs in which the boy says to me “I think we should enter a relationship”, but rather a conversation similar to the one in the comic.  “You’re not dating anyone else and spend most of your time with me, ergo we are in a relationship.  Suck it up.”

(and yes, I have dated guys who’ve used the word ‘ergo’)

I’m used to be the statistical outlier in a few ways, not limited to dating but also including friendships and compatibility.  As I’ve mentioned in previous posts guys seem to view me as this exception to the rule of femininity, where I can look like a girl and slip into  moments of talking like a girl, but share the interests of a guy.  It makes for a good friendship, but awkward courting phases.

Last night while getting ready for bed I was standing in front of the mirror.  I had washed my face and pulled my hair back for sleeping, and was just finishing brushing my teeth.  I looked up at myself in the mirror and thought “you know, I’m kind of pretty”.  And don’t get me wrong, I have no ego.  I have confidence yes, but ego no.  I took notice of my skin, which is smooth, even, and blemish-free.   I noticed my hair, that while faded down to a dulled auburn shade has a nice natural shine and smoothness, even with a slight wave.   And while I will concede that my body shape is not optimal, it still has curves to work with.  I took in what I saw and weighed it out in my head, and realized that even if I may think I have not changed in the last few years I have.  I’ve drastically changed on the outside, becoming a much more feminine creature and actually evolving into someone I like.  Before shutting off the light I decided that I’m pretty enough that a guy should be lucky to go to bed with a girl like me each night.  And that was that.

And then .. *cue omnious music*

I overslept and crawled out of bed, booting up my laptop.  As FB was slowly loading C sent me a message so it popped up overtop of the browser.  As I’m chatting away with her FB finally loads and right next to the dialogue box I see ‘Chaos is now married’ with its quintessential little heart next to it.  The following conversation ensued:

C: ?
k: Chaos got married
C: what?
k: oh my god oh my god
C: what?!?!?!
k: he got MARRIED
k: in thailand
C: wtf?!?!
C: random.
k: I know!
C: you sure it isnt a joke?
k: very random
k: oh it could be
k: but I’m laughing so fucking hard right now

And the sad part about the situation?  Laughing is exactly what I was doing.  I didn’t feel jealous, or annoyed, or angry .. anything like that.  I felt overwhelmingly amused by the situation.  Shouldn’t I be annoyed, or angry, or jealous?  I feel like that’s the expected reaction out of  me, since I used to like him.   Earlier this week I was telling C about how Chaos was taking photos with all these random hot thai chicks and posting them on FB.  She asked if I was jealous and I told her no, I just feel like shaking my head at them repeatedly.  It’s like there’s something sad about that.  Then again, who am I to cast stones?  I blog about boys I meet. :p

If anything this has been an interesting day full of randomness so far.  And as far as the Chaos cycle goes, this might be the biggest jerk/bitchslap thing he’s ever done.  But at least it’s helped me towards achieving one of my resolutions for 2010 — 10.  Get over him.


4 Responses to “Outliers”

  1. 1 h

    Aww. Everyone should think that about themselves, at least occasionally and in some way / shape / form. Because everyone is. 🙂

    Though you do have horrible taste in men. :p
    (Ha! I’m laughing too)

    • 2 keewt

      Dude, I am -still- laughing. I have laughed about it several times today. I was starting to feel guilty about it. And then people at work were talking about it, and sometimes there was serious headshaking, but for then we laughed a bit. If it is infact true and he married some random thai girl, the dude is SCREWED for life, in the non-fun way.

      I came to that realization of my taste in men this evening — I really do have to work on upgrading. Settle for douches less. But I guess I can still be their friends.

      • 3 h

        Or maybe you have horrible taste in friends and exclusively date from that pool.

  2. 4 keewt

    I don’t date exclusively friends — I’ll remind you the guy I made out with on New Years was pretty new to me other than a few brief interchanges. I definitely wouldn’t have called him a friend. Also my last serious boyfriend was the same thing; we met on Tuesday and had our first date on Saturday. Not nearly enough time to be friends before we engaged in dating-type behaviour.

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