Primary Kisses [2004]


I went on about two dates with the guy before the third one; the one in which I let things finally get more intimate.  The first was a get-to-know-you encounter that started with dinner and ended with us sitting in a coffee shop for almost seven hours, talking about random things.  When I got home after six a.m. my girlfriend was livid with me for scaring her, being out so late.  It amused me greatly.

On our third date he stopped by before we went out and asked if he could use my shower, so I said sure. When I dropped towels off on the sink for him I felt his hand grab my wrist seconds before he dragged me in with him, clothing and all.  I screamed and struggled while he laughed.  I took the longest shower in my history without sex; we just washed, and he held me while under the water, kissing my forehead.  It was kind of romantic until we ran out of hot water.

When we got back to my place we had sex and talked a bit.  He told me how he doesn’t kiss on the lips unless he means it — unless he really likes the girl, and I told him I could respect that.  I woke up from my sleep that night to the sensation of him kissing my forehead softly, then each of my eyes, and then his lips brushing mine.  He did this about three times before drawing me up against his chest and drifting back to sleep.  I acted like I slept through the entire thing, and never told him I knew what he did that night.


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