The World Is Not Flat?


So Chaos is officially on the other side of the world right now; I figured as much but his Facebook status reminded me of this fact in case I forgot.  I had a weird dream last night in which he messaged me on msn telling me he wasn’t on his trip, but was at home.  He kept saying some weird declaration of wanting to be more than friends.  I assumed it was whomever was feeding his cat messing with me and disregarded what he was saying.  Then I left for my lunch date.

And I do have a lunch date today!  Well, lunch with a couple of my girlfriends, but it makes me happy anyway.

Speaking of dates, I finally heard back from Newton yesterday about the movie I invited him to LAST WEEK.  He apologized and told me work has been busy so he’s  been MIA from everything for the past while, which seems true.  And while he could have left it off there, he proceeded to tell me he actually hasn’t seen the movie in question.  So it sounds like he might want to go, but meh.   I guess I’ll know if I hear back from him in another two weeks.

I’ve had this weird situation going on with a friend of a friend in the gaming group I joined.  There are 12 of us members now, and only 3 of us are girls (but most of the girls are actually paired with their husbands, so maybe it’d be more accurate to say there are 14 of us and 3 are girls).  Regardless, one of the guys has been talking to me a lot.  And no, I don’t think he likes me or anything, and besides he’s married.  But it just strikes me as odd for this literal stranger to have befriended me so quickly/easily.  Him and I talk back and forth through the group emails, plus he’s now leaving me messages on my PSN account saying hi and telling me goodnight.  It just strikes me as weird, and makes me wonder if this is how socially awkward society has become — that when someone is trying to be nice and befriend you, and making a valiant effort to make you feel welcome, it ends up feeling weird and making you suspicious.

Food for thought.  Now I need to get ready and put food in ma bellah.  I’m putting on a skirt today and everything, because the sun is out, and also just because I can.

Better to be occasionally cheated than perpetually suspicious.” — BC Forbes


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