Medicinal Laughter


My life is pretty uneventful recently, and will be for the next while.  I have plans for lunch one day this weekend with some girlfriends, but otherwise I think I might lay low and stay out of trouble —  meaning stay away from men.

It’s been an odd week though, with a bunch of my ex-boyfriends and ex-lovers popping up in my life in various capacities.  Two ex-boyfriends flirted with me online without knowing it was me, another is in a PS gaming group I recently joined (in which he talks with me, unbeknownst to his over-possessive wife), Avogadro sat next to me one day and almost seemed to be -flirting- with me (wth), and I hung out with Chaos in a very nice casual context, as well as saw him today to collect my abandoned mug without any weirdness*.

And then there is my friend — the one I went to visit back in November.  The one that was interested in me, and I couldn’t muster up any chemistry to reciprocate his advances because I was so hung up on Chaos.  He left me a message on FB asking if I wanted to go to a music festival in the upcoming months with him.  Of course I said I would, and I got a little excited at the idea of spending some more time with him.   As friends.  And all of our conversations on my wall were nothing but platonic until we were on messenger tonight and he started flirting with me a bit.

N: you have skillz thou
N: except when i’m deflowering you

Methinks I’m going to have to tread lightly on this one, or maybe have that “talk” that h. recommended back in November.

I’ve also reconnected with a few people recently that I used to talk to online many years ago, which is actually bringing me much joy.  I spent a good half hour talking about relationships and the differences between what people want vs. what they need in their partners with one such fellow.  Though I’ve had this discussion a good ten times in the past few months, I always find it interesting to rehash with someone new.   I liked his view that he was the ‘exception to the rule’, though he had to agree my views were pretty sound.  Boys are funny like that.

* [ I messaged Chaos asking if he was ever planning to bring my mug to work, and he said he would try and remember that night .. or I could stop by and pick it up.  It was a nice day so I chose option #2 (a guarantee to get my mug back) and walked over to his place.  One thing that people never seem to anticipate is my lack of a concept of time; I’m notorious for being 5 minutes late to most rendezvous.  So when I left Chaos a message saying ‘be there in 10-15′ he actually assumed I’d be there within 15 minutes, unaware that I was still at my apartment cursing my misplaced headphones for being so well hidden.   When I finally got to Chaos’ place I was happy to find the outside door unlocked and halfway up the stairs I found him on the landing, checking his phone.  I gave him a funny look because he looked relieved to see me, and then he relayed the story:  when he realized more than 15 minutes had elapsed he thought maybe I was locked out again (like earlier this week) so he grabbed his phone to check if I texted him.  He discovered his phone was in airplane mode (testing it for his trip), so he panicked thinking I was outside and had been texting him with no reply.  He ran down the stairs to see if I was waiting but I wasn’t outside so he left the door ajar and walked back upstairs, at which point I walked in as he was putting his phone settings back to normal to check for a text/text me.  The first thing he said I didn’t hear because I still had my headphones on, but the look on his face .. the shock and then relief at seeing me, it was priceless.

Okay, so -I- thought it was kind of cute and it made me laugh.  Shut up. ]

Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face.” — Victor Hugo


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