I guess one of the downsides to running in tight circles is that eventually you’re going to run into your ex.

Especially if it’s IRC.

The irony was that I was using a new nickname so I don’t think he recognized me.  One of my friends messaged me stating “oh god he doesn’t know who you are; is he flirting with you???”

Yeah it was … awkward.  And disturbed me a little bit.

And though I guess I could have been a bad person and messed with his head I kept the conversation pretty platonic — in discussing game consoles.

Points for me or something.  But this is the second time in 48 hrs that weird shit has happened with exes on IRC servers.  The other jizzed on me, which was weird.  But that’s another story for a different time.  In the meantime I have a bottle of wine and mafia to kill.

“If you haven’t found something strange during the day, it hasn’t been much of a day.” — John A. Wheeler


2 Responses to “Orbitals”

  1. 1 h

    Is the old IRC server I hung out on still up?

    I had a random bee in my (thoroughly masculine) bonnet the other day and checked, and it seemed to be down. I don’t have the most stable connection at the new apartment though.

  2. 2 keewt

    b.com? Nah it’s still up. In act I just went onto it right now to check et voila!

    The channel isn’t there though, so if you return you’ll have to find new waters to coast through. Plenty of fishing holes out there.

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