Planck’s Constant


Well it seems like my life is pretty filled with action considering it’s pretty boring as a whole.

Had an interesting conversation with Avogadro yesterday in which I’ve come to realize the boy has a wee bit of an ego.  I guess that’s understandable to an extent:  he isn’t that bad looking, but to actually hear it come out of his mouth was kind of a shocker.  I really wonder if he knows about the rumour or not.

I  messaged Chaos earlier this week to see if he wanted to do something this weekend, but alas he had plans.  I joked with him about seeming to always play second fiddle to other people, he replied indicating that I shouldn’t be insulted because they were made before I asked, blah blah.  He gets bent out of shape over the weirdest things.  But he did surprise me in suggesting we hang out during the week before he leaves on Friday for his trip.  So we have a hang out scheduled, fancy that.

Being thoroughly frustrated (and tired) of hearing how amazing Avatar is in 3D from it seems like everyone I know, I swallowed my pride and sent Newton a message asking if he’d be interested in going this weekend.  I would like to clarify this is not a ‘date’.  It is a hang out, much like those that I have with Chaos.   As much as I may feel an inexplicable attraction to the man, right now I’m just enjoying the fact that I’m comfortable around him.  I need more people in my life that I feel I can be myself around, and if that’s the extent of his role in it all then I’m perfectly okay with that.

.. and after talking to Darwin, apparently my message will sound like I’m asking him on a date.  Fucking.  Great. *headdesk*  On the bright side at least I have a backup to go to the movie with if Newton declines, so win!

“The Planck constant has dimensions of energy multiplied by time, which are also the dimensions of action.”


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