W = FxD


One thing I’ve noticed as of late is that Avogadro … looks at me.  It’s entirely possible he always has looked at me, and maybe I’m only noticing it as of late.  But fact remains that he .. looks at me.  And he cut his hair, this made me a little sad.  I think I like him better with a slight shag.

I am quasi-friends with Avogadro’s boss, a fellow middle-management lackey.  Because of this we talk about our personal lives on occasion, and she asked how my holidays were so I told her about (a) the date, and (b) about new years.  As we were casually talking another lackey walked in, and I did the obvious cue to her indicating that we should stop the conversation immediately.  She turned her head and noticed which lackey it is, then got a grin on her face and went on to start speaking (in a louder tone) about how I spent the new year “straddling and making out with a hot young thing”.   I didn’t even look up; I just beelined for the door avoiding any eye contact with the lackey.  As she caught up with me in the hallway I turned on her, asking ” you had to do that with him?  HIM?  Of all people him?!”.  She laughed and explained how she had to, just because it was him.


So now my fellow lackey spent the rest of the night avoiding me.  If he saw me he immediately averted his eyes.  When I had to actually drag him into a conversation at the end of our shift he just seemed uncomfortable, and eager for it to end.  While on some level it did amuse me a bit, I was actually annoyed by it because him and I had been becoming more friendly with one another over the last few months.   Plus I like to keep my work and personal life very separate, so while I felt okay with discussing it with this one individual I wasn’t expecting her to share it with others.

Lesson learned.

At least she didn’t mention it while Avogadro or Chaos was in the room.

Work is the meat of life, pleasure the dessert.” — Bertie Charles Forbes


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