Well if 2009 was the year of dates with randoms (random FL dude, random FB dude) then I guess 2010 will be the year of making out with random dudes.

My plans of staying pleasantly buzzed throughout the night rather failed as I found myself 8/10 on the drunken scale last night.  One good thing about it is that I actually only left one message for Chaos, and honestly I was just being a dork, not doing any stupid declarations.

At some point throughout the night I ended up on a couch with two guys; my legs draped across the lap of one and my head curled up against another.  Before leaving I was flirting with the one petting my hair, and next thing I knew I found myself kissing him.  As if that wasn’t bad enough I actually found myself straddling him on the couch while doing it.  Kind of out of my element for a moment.

On the car ride home I found myself asking my friends “I didn’t just get herpes did I?  Did you see if he had cold sores?  Nooo herpes”.

Maybe not so out of my element.   Sad part is that it was my online casual flirting buddy.  Why must I do silly things to destroy the awesome ones?  I feel like Sauron or something.  Oh well, it was fun and spontaneous and I liked it anyway.


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