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The New #000000


Okay now that I’ve had  a bit of time to digest everything a little better, I’ve come up with a rather hairbrained theory in regards to marriages these days.    I remember how 10 years ago the whole medieval wedding theme was popular, and how 5 years ago the idea of flying off to a tropical […]



I’ve always been able to relate xkcd to an extent, but this comic once shown to me just seemed to hit home on how almost all of my relationships come to fruition. I meet a guy, we talk, we hang out, we have sex, and at some point we end up in a relationship.  It’s […]



I received a message from my random FB guy that I went to highschool with .. and with whom I have a very pleasant and splendid date back over the holiday season.  He sent me a message on FB the other day indicating his approval of my decision to bake cookies while wearing a skirt.  […]

I went on about two dates with the guy before the third one; the one in which I let things finally get more intimate.  The first was a get-to-know-you encounter that started with dinner and ended with us sitting in a coffee shop for almost seven hours, talking about random things.  When I got home […]

So Chaos is officially on the other side of the world right now; I figured as much but his Facebook status reminded me of this fact in case I forgot.  I had a weird dream last night in which he messaged me on msn telling me he wasn’t on his trip, but was at home.  […]

My life is pretty uneventful recently, and will be for the next while.  I have plans for lunch one day this weekend with some girlfriends, but otherwise I think I might lay low and stay out of trouble —  meaning stay away from men. It’s been an odd week though, with a bunch of my […]

So today was one of interest, being that it started one way and finished in a completely different one. I woke up stupidly early because I had plans to hang out with Chaos.  We didn’t really pre-arrange what we would be doing or where we’d hang out, and sure enough when I asked what he […]