Highschool Chemistry


So tonight was the night, the big date.  I ended up not getting back to my father’s house until almost mid afternoon, resulting in a ‘hidadnicetoseeyou, gottagoshower, bebackinabitloveyou!’ drive-by that left him blinking as I dashed up the stairs.

The weather outside was frightful, and while my father’s fire was quite delightful (horrible, I know), I checked my message to see whether my date had messaged me to cancel.  No messages, so I glanced out the window and figured the weather was tolerable.

An hour later I looked up from my video game and cursed since outside was pure white, not a tree to be seen in the blizzard.  Check my messages again, nada.  So I trudged upstairs to get ready.  At this point my father was aware of my going out because he asked what I wanted for dinner.   My stepmom knew I had plans so I assumed she told my dad, but she hadn’t.  He got this huge grin on his face when I told him I had plans, and another when I came running down the stairs a half hour later.  Eyebrows tweezed, makeup applied with insane dedication, skin soft, body scented, hair pin straight and shiny, screaming ‘oh my god I’m late!  Shit!  Look at that snow!  Shit!  Does this look okay?  Do I look like a dork?  Snow!  Shit!’.  He took great amusement at my nervousness, and even I’ll admit it surprised me since this whole date was a pre-planned disaster.

I arrived with a few minutes to spare and found him in the entrance to the restaurant.  He came over and hugged me immediately, which caught me offguard.  He smelled nice.  We got seated at a booth and I started removing my five billion layers of winter clothing.   First topic:  the weather.  Which we actually stretched out for a good 10 minutes as our waitress kept checking if we were ready to order.  Second topic:  how were the holidays, which lead to the third topic:  video games and computers.   Now I am a self-professed geek, so it struck me as odd that I was on a date with a guy that found Wii Bowling to be an exciting game and who just recently discovered msn because his daughter introduced him to it.   On one hand my mind was screaming ‘run!’, but then another part of it was saying ‘meh, so what?’.  As our appetizers arrived we started talking about highschool and the teachers we both had (he is 4 years older than me) when we each attended the school.  Quite a few laughs were shared as the night went on.

The meal itself was great and lasted almost two hours.  The conversation never staggered and flowed smoothly.  I found myself actually being, well, myself with him.  I was telling stories and cracking  jokes, and he would relay his with italian over-the-top hand gesturing.  At one point the conversation hit one of the areas that I figured would be a red zone (having kids), and while I thought he’d probably find my opinion on not having them to be a put off he seemed to at the very least accept it without complaint.   He picked up the check and held the doors for me as we left.

When we got to his car he actually opened my door and said ‘et vous madame’ (yes, he speaks french) and then shut the door after I got in.  It still boggles me when guys do this because it’s so old school and so rare these days.  I find it amusing.

We decided to see the Sherlock Holmes movie, which I found kind of good and was surprised to discover was a Guy Ritchie movie (who I loved for his earlier work, but then outgrew when he married Madonna and his work started to go downhill).   I heard him laughing at many parts, which made me happy.  He didn’t make a move during the movie, which also made me happy.  After the movie we were talking about it and he said it was ‘okay’.  My face must have expressed shock because he laughed and I then launched into a debate on why the movie was good.  I didn’t love it, but it wasn’t just ‘okay’.  Yeesh!

He drove me back to my car and we ended up sitting there and chatting for about a half hour.  It was pretty insightful in ways, and when he said he had a great time he had this huge smile on his face.  It seemed so genuine, and I surprised myself in the fact that I smiling too and actually did have a great time.  He mentioned he’d be in my area towards the end of the month so maybe we could meet up then, or if I wanted to call him next time I was in town …. it was all said with a slight shyness but at the same time a certain degree of confidence that wasn’t arrogant.  I told him I’d like that very much.

I had posted on Faboo about my efforts in preparation for the date and one of my girlfriends had commented saying ‘it’s hard work being beautiful!’.  I had a message from him a short while after getting home indicating that he thought I looked beautiful tonight, and also thinks that I am smart and funny.  He mentioned again that he had a really great time.  And damn if that didn’t make me smile.

So while on one level I know this doesn’t possess any long term potential for a slew of reasons (1 – religion, 2 – kids, 3 – geographical locations, 4 – political views), at the same time I can’t really come up with any reason to -not- go out with him again.   So I might, we’ll see.  I find it ironic that not only does he know (a) my mother, and (b) my sister, but he also knows (c) my father’s uncle and half of his cousins.  Small towns stupefy me.

“If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the precipitate.” — Henry J. Tillman


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