A Functional ‘OH’ group


Somehow my other siblings overruled my statement that we should wait until xmas morning to open presents.  I’m a traditionalist, and a firm believer that presents are a morning thing.  But instead we opened them tonight, much to my (and my father’s) dismay.

On the bright side I have decided I am a spoiled princess.  Not only did my parents bring back pink tequila from Mexico but they also bought me a PS3 …

Why yes, my two greatest loves provided by one half of my parental equation:  tequila and gaming.

I think I have died and gone to heaven — if only I wasn’t in a geographical hell.  My sister made an amusing statement in saying “well apparently the way to ____’s heart is through gaming consoles”.  I might have been a bit too excited about the PS3 …. maybe.

In more single-related news :  Avogadro has been talking to me more.  I find this peculiar.  One of my employees suggested maybe he wants to make the rumours a reality, which is unfortunately a dealbreaker for me.  He asked where was his present from me, and I promised him a cookie next year.  This made him happy and he stated he wants oatmeal, which I can easily accomodate.

Sin has also returned; he apparently came back on land a few days ago.   It was a cute message where he rambled for a bit, and then stated ‘if you even remember who I am …’.  It made me laugh, and I did reply that I remember him even if it has been a couple months (literally).   He seems to be in an odd place lately, and I guess I take it as some form of compliment that he feels like mentioning what’s going on to me.  Trust or something.

i has been MIA for ages.  I think the last time we talked I didn’t boost his ego as much as he would have liked.  Meh, I don’t really care any more to be honest.

And Chaos, hrmmm.  Well I’m actually doing very well at keeping him in the friends mentality.  I did some baking for a pile of people at work and gave some to him.  He seemed surprised, then asked if it was from me.  I said yes, and that it wasn’t anything fancy.  He said that no it was awesome and thanked me.  We then chatted for a bit about our holiday plans before he left to work.  It felt casual and comfortable, and I missed that element from our relationship.


2 Responses to “A Functional ‘OH’ group”

  1. 1 h

    Deja vu…

    Also, you so have a harem, even if it is unconsummated (mostly).

    • 2 keewt

      I do not have a harem! A harem denotes men who have an interest in being with me, and due to my obvious single status obvious I do not have a harem 😛

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