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Last night I made an interesting remark to my father and sister:  “you know I’m great at sitting there and seeing how things are with my guy friends and the girls they like and saying ‘okay you like her’ or ‘she likes you’.  But for some reason as soon as a guy becomes someone I […]

Just a quickie post to not detract from the date post.  An odd thing happened yesterday afternoon, and I blame Facebook entirely for the events that occured. I had a pretty shitty Saturday due to family drama, which left me in a very bitter and jaded mood.  I felt a little better by Sunday once […]

So tonight was the night, the big date.  I ended up not getting back to my father’s house until almost mid afternoon, resulting in a ‘hidadnicetoseeyou, gottagoshower, bebackinabitloveyou!’ drive-by that left him blinking as I dashed up the stairs. The weather outside was frightful, and while my father’s fire was quite delightful (horrible, I know), […]

The God Complex


So ummm .. yeah. Despite my best attempts to weasel out, it’s going to happen. …. I have a date tomorrow.  A real date.  ‘Dinner and a movie’ type of date. With a boy.  Who seems to -really- like me. Oh, and it’s not Chaos. Craaaaaaazy. Let’s see how much of a disaster this one […]

Somehow my other siblings overruled my statement that we should wait until xmas morning to open presents.  I’m a traditionalist, and a firm believer that presents are a morning thing.  But instead we opened them tonight, much to my (and my father’s) dismay. On the bright side I have decided I am a spoiled princess.  […]

Yesterday was possibly the busiest day I have had in a long time.  I woke up earl(ier) to go down into the city (aka Mordor) and spend the day with a few girlfriends, doing some holiday shopping and grabbing dinner with another friend of ours.  Turns out we got minimal shopping done for others but […]

Prime Numbers


Last night while in bed I was left pondering about various things.  One tangent that my mind wandered down ended up in an unexpected area:  I found myself thinking about a guy I haven’t really given any thought to in about 6 years.  For simplicity’s sake we’ll call him Alpha. One of the pathetic things […]