Precursor to Insanity


Random seagull!  He shares my pain.

So I was dreaming again last night, and in my dream I was hanging out at S’ place playing videogames.  And I was playing games with S, except he kinda looked like Sin (random!  Especially since we haven’t talked in weeks …) — maybe it was him but he just cut his hair ultra short and growed out a bit of a beard.  Bah!

Anyway, on couch, playing games with S.  And suddenly my ‘oh so brilliant!’ plan occurs without my even instigating it.

S:  I think we should go back to being friends.

k:  Good, me too.

S:  Good.

k:  Any particular reason why?

S:  I started dating someone.

And in my dream, right about there the shit hit the metaphorical fan.  I raged, and vented.  When I woke up in the middle of it I actually had a hard time believing exactly how mad I was, but then again I literally -felt- mad when I woke up.  I decided to shut off the alarm and just get out of bed at that point because I didn’t particularly feel like experiencing more dreamhaterage at that stage …

So yeah.  Subconscious, all I have to say to you is ‘wafock??’.

In other news, I had an overwhelming urge to play SSX today while in the shower.  And while I could since I own all of the games in the series since Tricky …. meh.  Tricky and SSX3 were epic awesome, to the point that I played/beat them multiple times.  However once they released On Tour the entire franchise just seemed cheesy, trying to appeal to the market of emotweens with punk music and edgy graphics.  I missed the sleek lines and simplistic characters of SSX3.  And don’t even get me started about Blur … ugh.  I might spoil myself today and picked up the new Mario Wii as a distraction from weird SSX cravings.

There is a fine line between dreams and reality, it’s up to you to draw it.” – B. Quilliam


3 Responses to “Precursor to Insanity”

  1. 1 i

    So you got mad at a guy for breaking up with you, when you were trying to break up with him?


    • 2 keewt

      Nah I think in this situation my brain was on the fence about which way I wanted to go, so to find out that I couldn’t go the one way because he had a girlfriend and hadn’t even told me he was seeing someone … it pissed me off I guess.

      Like the title says .. precursor to insanity. While I like the dude less, I still like him otherwise what he says/how he behaves wouldn’t bother me like it does. Relationships (or the lack of them) sucks at times.

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