Resolving for Perfection


thinkingYesterday at work I was having a pretty average conversation with one of my co-workers when I asked what he had planned for the weekend.  He gave a brief rundown, seeming pretty busy, and then reciprocated the gesture by asking what my plans were.  I told him the story of how my original plans for Saturday night fell through, and then the follow-up plans I made to those fell through, and then the follow-up plans to THOSE fell through …. ugh.

So in the end I had concluded the universe wanted me to stay home on Saturday night.  Not wanting to argue with the powers of fate I would probably get into my pj’s, grab a few drinks and play some video games until I got tired enough to pass out.  Nothing really fancy.

And my co-worker turned to me and said “wow, if I wasn’t married I would so ask you to go on a date on Saturday”.  Which confused me, a lot.

I think he could tell because he laughed and then explained to me how his idea of a perfect date would be going out and grabbing burgers (which he pointed out would fail for me) and then spending the rest of the night playing video games.  So to him the idea of a girl wanting to spend her Saturday hanging out and doing just that would be pure bliss.

It kind of got me wondering a bit since I’ve done this a number of times over the years with various men, some of whom I was quasi-involved with and some with whom I was just friends.  But if a guy invites you to do such a thing, is there the potential that they are viewing this as a date?  I bounced it off C who answered with a resounding ‘no’ (and also told me to stop over-analyzing things).  According to her both parties need to acknowledge and recognize that it is a date prior to its occurrence, otherwise it is just ‘hanging out’.  So I guess that puts me in the safe area since none of these situations were actual dates in my eyes.

I used to do such things with my ex-boyfriend when we were involved.  Those I’ll consider dates since we were ‘dating’ at the time.  But either way, it was a weird moment and an interesting bit of thought for a Friday night.  Also, this marks situation #3 in the past few months in which a guy has told me something about my personality or interests would make me a ‘perfect’ partner.  Eventually the whole world will recognize this fact, and even then I bet I’ll still be single.  Ha.


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