Laws of Probability


iceThe universe seems determined to test my ability to dissociate my work from personal life when it comes to S.

So be it.

Again I was forced with the decision of S’s area or one that was my responsibility, and today I made the correct decision and chose mine.  Because of that, the shit hit the metaphorical fan and the end result was that S’s employee had to call him to explain what was going on.  He seemed skeptical about what she was saying so he asked to speak to me, so I relayed all the information.  He ended up calling back after and told us what he wanted her to do.

See the problem is that S didn’t seem to want to come in and help, and only once I pointed out to him that he should did he bother.  I helped his employee until he rolled in, at which point he didn’t even say hi or anything.  He just went to work, ignoring our attempts at chitchat and making a bad situation worse.

I ran into his employee later in the night and asked how it was going, she rolled her eyes and said he was still either ignoring her or being an ass.  He refused to talk to her unless it was to snap at her.   I can understand his frustration, having been woken up and basically told he had to come in and clean up the mess.  But on the same token it was not her fault; these were extraordinary circumstances and he should be a little understanding of that.

Instead he acted like an ignorant ass, and kind of a douche.  And not only to her, but he pretty much ignored me also.  I didn’t help out with the problems in order to get thanks, I pretty much did it because I felt horrible for the girl being stuck with the problems.  She was stressed out and in way over her head, and I had the time so I lent a hand.  But at the same time you’d think he’d at least be considerate enough to say hi.

Bah, whatever.  This whole experience has been a bit of an eye opener again.  Especially since my worst case scenario from yesterday, option 3 seemed to be the route he followed.   Predictability.

And to think, I injured my hand for this.  Eyeroll.

Almost all absurdity of conduct arises from the imitation of those whom we cannot resemble.” – Samuel Johnson


2 Responses to “Laws of Probability”

  1. 1 i


    The only solace I can offer is that Dad’s work-relationship problems ended up a lot worse.

    And he wasn’t like this before? Iow, you’re not just noticing this now?

    • 2 keewt

      Honestly I haven’t had much experience with his work personality lately, like five minutes a day max. For the most part he’s been different since he took on more responsibility — less joking and laid back, more professional in demeanor. In his old job and when I was on the other shift we’d typically hang out for like a half hour a night talking, so this has been quite the change over the past year. Only this week have I seen this kind of ass-ish side to him in the workplace. Outside of work .. he’s hot/cold, it’s his cycle.

      It wasn’t an attitude with me specifically, but I guess I’m slightly resentful of the fact that we’re supposedly friends and he was acting like that. Maybe I just have high expectations of people *shrugs*
      st have to figure out exactly what it is and then all is good.

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