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Chaos Theory


Whenever I feel like I have things figured out, something happens to throw it all out of sync. I had concluded last weekend that I was going to have to return to being friends with S, it was the only logical conclusion.  The way things have been for the last month are simply unacceptable, and […]

‘Tainted Love’ came on my iPod earlier and I felt I could relate to a pile of the lyrics.  Ummm, granted I can’t claim to ‘love’,  I guess I lust or like or something similar to that.  But whatever the case, I could relate to the song more than I can claim to have done […]

Today has been a morning of very .. confusing events, and with a certain degree of weirdness.   Last night I went to bed, tossing and turning over things with Chaos.  While my consciousness  is slowly weeding him out, my subconscious keeps dragging him back into my mind and making it harder.  I don’t know -why- […]

Random seagull!  He shares my pain. So I was dreaming again last night, and in my dream I was hanging out at S’ place playing videogames.  And I was playing games with S, except he kinda looked like Sin (random!  Especially since we haven’t talked in weeks …) — maybe it was him but he […]

While my conscious mind may have come to some resolution about the S situation, it appears that my subconscious isn’t quite over the entire ordeal yet. I’m not the type of person that dreams normally, but for the past few weeks my brain seems to be in a REM hyperdrive.  I wake up each morning […]

One Half of -2


So I am part way through my self-imposed Chaos-free period.  One of my self-imposed changes to my life was to be more social; as a geek I find it sometimes hard to integrate myself into social circles and make new friends.  Because of this I made a rule for myself that I was going to […]

Phase Inversion


I find it refreshing that I’ve actually managed to stick to my decision.  I figured I’d probably change my mind after a day or two, but I actually seem to be standing by what I think to be the best logical course of action. Yesterday was a particularly stressful day at work where everything  just […]