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The term ‘bioequivalence’ is one that my professor tosses around quite often in my course. The general concept of the word is that if you were to create a new product that is supposed to be a replicate or (as called in the pharmaceutical industry) ‘generic’ compound.   For something to be considered bioequivalent then it […]

Following a link through a link I came across this gem in another blog.  I can think of many men (including S) to whom I would love to forward this list  …. I truly believe if all men knew how to give a girl a good romp the world would be a much happier place.  […]

Did I not just post?  Although I am a scientist and thus am generally pretty analytical in my line of thought, I wonder sometimes if the universe likes to play little jokes on me when it comes to the flow of men in my life. As one door closes, another one opens …. A friend […]

A strange thing happened on my way to bed last night.  While checking my email, watching some tv, and generally unwinding I received a message from Chaos.  It turned out he left work early that night, taking a vacation day and was spending it at home.  At first I didn’t really put much thought into […]

I am starting to realize that alcohol is my kryptonite, except  in a sense it isn’t my weakness so much as an empowering agent.  Yesterday I woke up stupidly early in the morning before school and decided I was going to blog about things that were going on with the guys I have mentioned so […]



While laying in bed tonight I had a thousand and two thoughts running through my head, preventing me from entering the much desired (and merited) REM sleep that my body has demanded for the last few weeks.  I cannot remember the last time I had a dream … well actually I can, it was a […]

I came across an article on the internet the other day that caught my attention, mainly because it served to support a theory that a friend of mine, B., proposed to me a short while ago.  At the time I told him that his theory was silly and ridiculous, but as time is progressing I’m […]