Odd Angles


choiceMy family has always been of the belief that I am the type of person that is rather introverted,  and because of this I tend to be somewhat awkward when forced into a group of people.  However, put me in front of a computer on the internet and I let my true self show and lose inhibitions.  I guess there is less pressure about being liked when you’re in front of a screen, where if the person is annoying you just block or ignore them.

I have a few profiles on social networking sites.  Not the genre of eharmony or lavalife, but more of the facebook or twitter styles.  One such site has a whole slew of my friends so I followed them over and found myself running amok and having a blast in the geek forums.  Normally it was just plain conversations with a slew of people, but over the last month there has been one specific person that has been popping up over and over in threads in which I comment.  Granted he has probably started most of them, but the topics were always along the lines of my interest so I would comment.  He would reply, I would reply, and so on and so forth until we’re debating a whole variety of subjects.

About a week ago he sent me a message, asking if we wanted to be friends.  I flirted and joked with him, but in the end did add him to my friends list.  Since then we have been messaging daily, about three messages each way.  And here’s the trick – I actually look forward to receiving his messages.  Due to his love of angles and all math associated, I’m going to label him as my Sin wave.

It’s a tricky situation since we seem to have a tremendous amount in common, never seem to lack in dialogue, and we understand eachother’s sense of humour.  He’s a geek, I’m a geek, so we mesh pretty well.  But what about chemistry?  He has admitted that he enjoys my company and is working hard to maintain things at a platonic level.  For me this isn’t so much of a struggle since I’ve been in this situation before.  While on one hand yes, I will concede I have a bit of a crush on him and my curiosity is peaked, but I refuse to allow myself to progress until a full out ‘like’.  I have only known the guy a week, after all.

I think it’s just refreshing to be able to talk to someone without having to worry about being flirtatious, or funny or witty at all times.  It’s nice to just focus on what is being said and enjoying the flow of it.  And he makes me laugh, oh how he makes me laugh.  And smile, in abundance.  Strangers are peculiar things like this.  But for me I’m not focusing on romance, and instead I’m just trying to be friends with him.  I did jokingly throw out an offer of meeting for coffee, and surprisingly he’s not altogether adverse to it.

So here’s my concern — we have phenomenal ‘keyboard chemistry’, so what happens if we meet and it is also present in real life?  I am not looking for a relationship, or to form some kind of lasting bond with a person at this point.  He seems to be in the same mindset, but yet also comments that we click very well and wasn’t looking for anything like this .. conundrum.  On one hand I like the idea of meeting up and hanging out, but on the other hand I’m not in a huge rush to bring this all to a head.  It’s good to rip the bandaid off and just get it over with, but then why hurry to do it?  But why postpone?  Hrmmm.

I guess time will tell — there are five days in which to figure out if our ‘date’ will occur or not.   Whatever the case I haven’t bored of him yet, and he hasn’t bored of me.  Right there that should say something with the quantity of messages we have been exchanging.  And the quality even.  He has shared his name, and yet I hesitate to do the same.  And yet, coffee?

I really am a strange creature of predictable habit.

It is the dim haze of mystery that adds enchantment to pursuit.” – Antoine Rivarol


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  1. I usually don’t post on Blogs but ya forced me to, great info.. excellent! … I’ll add a backlink and bookmark your site. 🙂

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