The Awkward Gene


awkwardJust a quickie to update on a random act of weirdness.  As a fan of most things geek, I am a tremendous fan of the show Big Bang Theory.  And the new season has started up and this excites me on a level that words cannot express.  Last night was the season premiere and, imho it was great and I found myself laughing through the episode .. until the end.  The ending, to me kind of hit a nerve.

(Spoilers below in case you don’t want to know the ending)

As most people familiar with the show know there has been ongoing romantic/sexual tension between Leonard and Penny where they would almost hook up, but it never really panned out.  That came to an end last night when he returned from his trip to the Arctic and she (finally) admitted to him how she felt.  And in the end they found themselves in bed.  Which, when the scene cut to that part made me actually squeal a little ‘yay!’.

But then they were laying there beside each other, and you could taste the awkwardness.  Leonard makes a remark about how he doesn’t understand why people say friends can’t have sex without things being weird after, because things don’t feel weird or anything.  And they make small talk for a few minutes before Penny blurts out ‘okay this is weird’.

It seemed like a direct recreation of that night between chaos and I, except he didn’t say the whole blurb about friends and weirdness, and I just mumbled ‘this is so weird…’ to myself.  Still, it felt almost like a deja-vu, it made me wonder if most people have experienced this at some point in their lives, and if they could relate to that scene as well.  It also makes me wonder how he’ll react when he sees that episode, but I’d never ever ask.

“… a weird combination of isolation and connection and disconnection; discomfort and awkwardness.” – Robin Williams


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